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Using a Hosts File To Make The Internet Not Suck (as much)

only bad thing is the very first thing it does is block goatse.cx. shameful

i love knowing some people are tyrin 2 track me and are failing cause of my huge fuckoff hosts lists and filter files. not the nsa tho they got all this *gestures to all of body

i switchde from adblock plus to ublock and lookin at the stats of stuff it blocks is v satisfying. for ex tumblr makes a lot of requests for a 1x1 px image with some data embedded in the url, which is not that interesting in itself, but all these requests have since been doubled up with the exact same requests to yahoo: lolé


hey all this is ada and well this is my first album! ever!! its an all synth album that is heavily inspired by film soundtracks, modular synths and their history, cyberpunk, fashion, and the buchla source of uncertainty.

if you enjoy my music, and can afford to do so, please buy it. i’m poor and music is one of the few things i’m good at. that money would be used to keep me and my girlfriend ivy alive and well and making things that we love! 

thank you <3


How Do I Move THat Good

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