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metaphors aren’t real


You aren’t

i made that post after readinm the first chapter of ian bogosts alien phenomenology and noticed that most of its reasoning wasn’t really coherent, and it tended towards nice rhetoric that avoided other philosophers’ tendencies towards obtuseness by being, instead, flatly incorrect. then the 2nd chapter so far has been the elaboration of what he calls metaphorism and its like: ha. ha ha.

anyway, he does this thing where he’ll accuse every1 else of being too hung up on human subjectivity but with his little project, which is explicitly framed as getting around that problem, human subjectivity is an unavoidable consequence. he has a nice hop around this like he’s doing anything different but u know again its just, no you’re aren’t guy come on what are you doing stop linking this book inyour blog

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it’s that simple

On this week’s episode of “Indisputable Facts”

i’ve been thinking about this image a lot recently

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please, read Marx

9:16 And the LORD said unto Moses, Pharaoh’s heart is hardened, he refuseth to let the user control whether or not to memoize thunks

thus, he has become a meme.

this is inhumane


This show. Oh my God this show

his is like, marx’s labour theory of value

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metaphors aren’t real

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